Outdoor First Aid

This is a two certificate course.

Day 1 and 2: Students will participate in a full 14 hour Red Cross Standard First aid and level C certificate course and receive a Certificate issued by Red Cross for this portion.

Day 3: The Outdoor First Aid program is offered independently through Point of Contact Emergency training. Upon successful completion you will receive an Outdoor First Aid Certificate issued by Point of Contact Emergency Training. The course builds on material and skills learned in the first two days during the Standard First Aid & CPR course. This 10 hour practical, scenario based program is designed to teach participants how to apply first aid to themselves and others in an a variety of outdoor or remote settings. The aim of the course is to enable students, with no special equipment, to manage an emergency where help is not imminently available. Emphasis is on incident management and monitoring casualties. Minimal equipment is assumed (similar to what is already in your pack).

Subjects relevant to your individual need can be added on request.

Optional day 4: Additional training is available in skills that will further increase your ability to RESPOND, ADAPT and SURVIVE ,such as building tarp shelters, knots and rope skills, map and compass skills, and fire starting. These courses are in addition to the first three days and pre-booking and payment is required.


Method of Instruction: Entire course is taught in outdoor classroom setting. Camping may be incorporated if setting permits.

Duration: 3 days (24hrs) for full certification course

  • Red Cross Standard First Aid: First 14 hours of course
  • Point of Contact Outdoor First Aid: Last 10 hours of course

Prerequisites: No prior learning required. Must be able to physically perform skills. This course requires greater physical activity and endurance than typical first aid training.

Certification Requirements: In order to receive a certification in this course, the student must demonstrate all of the following over the two days:

  • Ability to comprehend and successfully demonstrate all required skills, including critical steps
  • 100% attendance and participation for both certificates
  • 75% min. passing grade on a written, closed book knowledge evaluation
  • Adherence to the Fundamental Principles
  • Assessment will be conducted on a continual basis throughout the courses

Certification upon successful completion:

  • RED CROSS 3-year certification in Standard First Aid, CPR Level C, and AED
  • POINT OF CONTACT-3 year certification in Outdoor First Aid

Price: $250