From the first “bandage” I applied to a less than thrilled pet cat at the tender age of six or so, I was hooked! I knew I HAD to work in the medical field.  The cryptic comments on my elementary school report cards, referring to my “leadership” tendencies, foreshadowed the fact that I was born to teach!! Fast forward to present day, I am a Registered Nurse and adult educator STILL fueled by my passion to make critical medical knowledge fun and informative (yes! the two CAN go together!!!). As a Registered Nurse I have been tortured for decades by mandatory, dry, boring (is it over yet?!!) first aid classes that have left my brain and other parts numb. I knew I had to put an end to the torture of good people like yourself, so I created Point of Contact Emergency Training (fun and practical are our middle names!)

By day I am the founder and tyrannical overlord of Point of Contact and by night I retire to my secret lair and labour tirelessly on the creation of really cool scenarios and the accompanying oozing props for you to have a blast with during our classes. Who am I kidding?! I live for this stuff!!

When I am not busy with the tyrannical over lording stuff, I NEED to get outdoors and I continue to explore new excuses to do this everyday!

I was introduced to the world of shooting by a great friend who also just happens to be a national champion marksman! How lucky can I get?! I love the freedom of riding, whether it is 1200 lbs of muscled four hoofed equine beauty in the beautiful woods or a thundering steel horse cruising down the highway. Sharing miles of trail with a pack strapped to your back, in the company of awesome people, campfire coffee, bears sniffing at your tent in the dead of night, the creak of the saddle, mud on the tires…….sigh, life is good in the woods!!

WAIT!!! Imagine the mind-blowing realization that I could combine all this AND first aid training!! What a better place to learn skills that you WILL need than in the actual setting you will be using them in????

So what makes me qualified to teach you? Why should you choose Point Of Contact? In three words…I GET IT!!!

Boring sucks, practical and professional does not, your time and hard-earned money is not to be wasted. My team and I share the same values, drive and passion for delivering training to you that you can actually remember and use when you need it the most. This is not just a job for us.(We would actually do it for free if our families didn’t want to be fed and sheltered!!!) We have experience that allows us to make the training more than just reading from the textbook. I wont bore you with our pedigrees here, you can check out our LinkedIn profiles and see what we bring to the table,(besides great campfire coffee!!!).www.linkedin.com/in/vickie-bruce-95b05734     

My partner in crime can be found at   linkedin.com/in/chuck-cannon-b369234a

Instructors who are just in it for the money and lack the true spirit of why practical and professional First aid training is critical, will never work for Point of Contact.

What is behind our name? I chose the name POINT OF CONTACT to signify a couple of different things. It is a military term indicating the point where the battle begins, the enemy is engaged ,and the idea of point of contact is where the sh*$ hits the fan, so you better be ready.  (if you checked out our LinkedIn profiles this will make even more sense)We will give you the training you need to engage the enemy( first aid crisis) and have a fighting chance to win the battle!