Point of Contact Emergency Training is a sole proprietorship which offers high quality first aid and CPR training to all individuals and corporate clients through the use of the established standards of the Canadian Red Cross. A simulation/scenario based instructional model will be utilized to provide a learning environment in which students truly learn the critical skills instead of simply “going through the motions”.

a scenario based platform to simulates realism and therefore provide true learning experiences which will better serve the participant. Cpr, first aid, marine, wilderness first aid courses will be provided and tailored to the industry and special needs of the clients. Services will be provided in the Grey and Bruce counties of Ontario and will be delivered on a flexible schedule that meets the clients needs, while maintaining Red Cross standards.


Why scenario based training:

Train like it is real, because one day it WILL BE!

Scenario based training is most effective method of learning, practicing and understanding practical skills and concepts by placing the participant in realistic scenarios.

It works to provide Genuine experiential first aid/cpr learning by:

  • actually involving participant in the experience
  • engaging practical reflection on the experience
  • supporting decision making and problem solving skills
  • unparalleled student engagement
  • proven student learning retention of the critical skills

scenarios are used as they simulate many of the factors in real life emergency situations, such as time constraints, pressure packed predicaments and most of all the ability to make the best decision when treating an injured person.

Moulage (simulated injuries used props and makeup) is a technique to help students with recognizing physical signs to support clued to the patients’ condition.